Friday, May 14, 2010

Roane County Schools

Roane County is one of the counties adjacent from my home county.  My dad grew up there and worked there as a lawyer and prosecutor, now serves as the Circuit Court Judge. Because of his "roots," the WV Black Walnut Festival was one of the "must" visits for our family each year.  I wouldn't miss it for anything, and even though it might not have been my 'roots at first, Roane County/Spencer BECAME my roots!  

In high school, I dated a guy pretty seriously (for High School, lol), so much time was spent there at ball games, dances, etc.  In 2005, I was crowned Miss Black Walnut Festival and represented at the WV Association of Fairs & Festivals pageant where I placed 4th runner-up. So being in Roane County Schools for a week felt like "home" and was one of my requests during my year.

I started out the week at Reedy Elementary and finished up the week at Walton Middle School.  Each presentation was a prep for the upcoming Westest, but for material interest and content, half of my Overcoming Adversity presentation was added on. 

(Pictures - 2005 Miss BWF Crowing.  Then this year at the BWF)

In the middle of the week I visited Spencer Elementary, Geary Elementary & Middle and Walton Elementary & Middle.  

[Reedy Elementary]

(Spencer Elementary)

(Geary Middle School)

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