Monday, April 12, 2010

America's Ultimate Miss Pageant

In all my years of involvement in pageantry, I have never seen a director that is as dedicated and committed to his pageant and his queens as Mr. Kirk with the America's Ultimate Miss National Pageant.  I was honored to be a part of his production which started on Friday and went until Sunday afternoon.

This pageant hosted preliminaries earlier in the year at which the contestants could win the opportunity to 1) Hold a title or 2) Go on to compete for an America's Ultimate Miss title.  There were ten age groups from dollbaby to Mrs. and at least five contestant in each competition.  In total, there were 92 contestants that competed for the various titles this weekend.   

What amazed me the most was the 1) the organization of all 92 contestants, but 2) THE PRIZES!  After EACH phase of competition each contestant was given a gift.  These gifts ranged from a huge makeup set to a mini gumball machine, zuzu pets, etc.  The winners got a flat Screen TV (went to High Point winner), Jewelry, Makeup, life size Mini Mouse doll, crowned queen piggy bank...and the list goes on and on.  Honestly, I wanted to enter myself in the competition just for the prizes!  

Saturday evening the reigning queens were escorted in a LIMO to The Dairy Mart for dinner, fellowship, and ice cream:)  After that followed a dance party and autograph signing!  The evening was a blast, but both Jackie Riggleman, Miss WV's Outstanding Teen, and I got to spend the evening with the NEW reigning Miss Virginia, China Helmendollar.  
(Before, in limo on our way to Dairy Mart for some dinner  and ice cream - yum!)

[Dance Party & Autograph Session]

On Friday, the casual wear competition and (optional) disco wear competition took place.  Saturday, (optional) fashion modeling, swimsuit, interview, and evening gown.  Sunday the winners were announced and each age group was crowned. 
[Doll Baby, Baby Miss, Tiny Miss]

[Pre-Teen Miss, Teen Miss, Junior Miss]

[Senior Miss, Miss Ultimate Miss]

[Mrs. Ultimate Miss~  Had to put even the blurry picture in because she was so excited and jumping up and down!]

Jackie & I got to spend some MUCH NEEDED time together which is always so enjoyable!  Her mom was in attendance as well and the two of them together such a delight to be around. I am going to miss Jackie after our years conclude...guess I will just be driving up to Morgantown to see her~  

[In Virginia, the trend is to have others sign your titled sash, instead of an autograph card.  Interesting, but a definite keepsake that you will have forever!]

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