Monday, June 14, 2010

Harrison Co. Schools

In the month of May, I spent 2.5 weeks in Harrison and surrounding counties.  I had the best time staying with the Olivio family - Christian and Samantha are officially my favorite kids of the year!  I visited 25 schools during my stay and was able to use some of the nicest technology. 
- Presenting at Bridgeport Middle School -

During my stint, I was able to put my powerpoint and video presentation up on the BIG screen in school classrooms and auditoriums and run from the nice Mac database.  That was kinda cool seeing your presentation on three different LCD screens all over the room while presenting.  I also had a friend come and watch me at a few different schools and that helped when taking pictures.
As many the other schools requested, I presented a great deal on why testing is so important in preparation for the WesTest.  There were a few schools I were able to stick to my standard platform presentation, but most of them had to be modified.  

I would have more pictures of the students during my various different school visits, but Harrison County has one stipulation that applies to pictures on the internet: without a signed consent form from EVERY parent in the school, the student's picture is not allowed to be posted on the web.  So, for this one, it is just me :)