Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Crowning Moment

Overwhelmed with tears and excitement...
So cool that the year I win Miss West Virginia, Miss America is there to help crown.

Wow - it is finally me! All these years of pageants, with that ultimate goal to SOMEDAY be MISS WEST VIRGINIA! First, thanks to my Lord and Savior, who promised me five years ago on that very stage (while Julia Burton was doing her final walk) that one day my mom and I would have a year to travel together all over this great state, just like Julia described. God is my rock, my shelter in the time of storm, and my joy that overflows!

This year, my platform is "Child Abuse and Neglect - Breaking the Cycle" and with it, I hope to impact the lives of children through my school tour, increase awareness of the Child Protective Services needs legislatively and do my best to recruit more foster families and adoptive homes for those children looking for that "forever family."