Friday, October 30, 2009

Fairmont HOPE Domestic Violence Candlelight Ceremony

After speaking at the Supreme Court Child Abuse & Neglect training this summer, I was asked to speak and sing at the HOPE Candlelight Ceremony. HOPE is a domestic violence and sexual assault home in Fairmont, WV. The candlelight ceremony took place at Fairmont State University and was in remembrance of those who have suffered from either domestic violence or sexual assault.

I sang “With a Broken Wing” by Martina McBride and spoke for about 10 minutes concerning how my platform – Child Abuse & Neglect – was closely tied to domestic violence. Also talked about not letting one event or one life struggle define who you are going to be. After the speech a few individuals came up to me and said they really needed to hear that and I even recruited one volunteer for CASA. Great evening!

University of Charleston Homecoming

Saturday was spent at my old ‘stomping grounds.’ My college years were spent at the University of Charleston and the Homecoming Game was taking place on Saturday and they wanted one of the alumni to sing the National Anthem and visit with the attendees. I was selected [smile] so the afternoon was spent in the skybox watching the game, visiting with old friends, and autographing various different items. It felt so good to be ‘home’ and to promote the university that was so gracious to me!

Mary Kay Party & Fundraiser

During my years of competition in the Miss West Virginia Scholarship Organization, I always received a gift certificate to order Mary Kay Makeup. Alicia Fancher was the consultant and I guess you could say over the years we have created somewhat of a business friendship.

Early on in my year as Miss West Virginia I was asked by Alicia to do a fundraiser with Mary Kay. I was super stoked and we then worked from there to find a date that would work best for the both of us. By that time RDVIC – Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center – was going to be the benefiting non-profit organization.

Monday around 60 women were able to take part in Mary Kay makeovers as well as hear a little information about the RDVIC and the life of Miss WV. I was given the opportunity to speak for 30 minutes and honestly I feel it was one of my best speeches yet. I think there is something about being a woman and talking to women, but who doesn’t like to talk about makeup, life, obstacles, and relationships?

A few Miss WV girls were in attendance as well and it is always great to reunite – Megan Otte, Maggie Power, Cori Langdon, and Christine Feathers. It was a great evening spent laughing about old times, getting new makeup advice, and trying out some of the GREAT Mary Kay products.

If you are interested in purchasing and do not have a current representative, please contact Alicia Fancher at:

She will get your order out to you in 2-4 days or less!

Boone Co. Schools

Friday was spent in Boone Co. visiting both Sherman High School and the Junior High School. The high school presentation was awesome! The entire high school filled into the gymnasium and I was introduced by the Student Body President.

This was a fancy presentation and I almost felt under dressed. I had on a sequined top and jeans that matched it with rhinestone in the right areas, but the Student Body President had on a skirt, tights, heels and a cute top. They also had the Sherman High School podium for me to speak behind.

I only had to call the class down once but other than that, 99% of the students were very attentive and seemed interested. After the presentation, I was offered a job teaching at Sherman High School…but still not sure that is a position for me.

Sherman Junior High was FANTASTIC! They had all the kids file into the gym and then called me in. They were ecstatic and listened/participated so well. They were probably my favorite middle school so far because we did about a 35minute Q&A afterward.

There questions were interesting, but not as cute as the elementary questions…more adult like, which was great! My dad was able to attend both schools with me. So that was a nice surprise to the day and we were able to catch up.

(I am 2 over from the lady in the blue top, near the door)