Friday, October 2, 2009

Modeling in New York City

Driving to New York City wasn't as bad as I thought! We may have started a new tradition (mom and I). My senior year of high school, I didn't go on the typical beach senior trip, but instead, my best friend Taran and I decided to go to The Big Apple! Mom invited herself along, which we were cool with because she paid for the motel. We had great adventures and lots of laughs and good memories, so after that, each spring when college ended, Mom and I tried to go back. We've missed a couple years, but we made up for it this trip. They say New York City is the city that never sleeps, and I think what they mean is that when you go there, you want to do so many things, you don't sleep!

We stayed in New Jersey because we had free hotel points. And yes, that hotel was a dive, but what did we care? We only slept there, and it was "relatively" clean. Driving into the city was a
rather interesting endeavor on its own, but partner that with the week President Obama and all the United Nations members were in town, and it was an exercise on your nerves! We made it fine, no wrecks, no dead bodies, no nervous breakdowns, and only a few times screaming in the car.

We went a day early so I could go to New York Vintage, the store that's on the Rachel Zoe show all the time. We figured out how to get there, took the subway, walked a few blocks, and there we were! I was so excited! Well, that was a waste of energy - there was nothing at all that I could get fired up about. Although if your grandma still has clothes hanging in her closet, you should send them up there! It was kind of interesting seeing the clothes from the '40s and '50s. We spent the rest of the day piddling and shopping in and near Macy's down on Broadway.

The modeling assignment was at the Fashion Coterie at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, and it was quite an array of vendors, from jeans, shoes, jewelry to evening gowns. My job was to stand and look pretty as potential customers perused the inventory. As you know, standing and being quiet isn't my highest skill!

Mom spent her time while I was working checking out all the vendors in the Fashion Coterie, as well as a huge Moda Manhattan Accessories show. She fell in love with this jewelry they were selling there, and the idea of my future business was hatched! I'm going to be accessorizing the next generation (or hopefully, current generation!) I bought 50 pieces of Alisha D designs(necklaces, earrings, belts similar to what Chico's sells, but much less expensive and cooler!). I also bought 50 large statement "Talia" rings to sell while on the road — please check out my Facebook soon for pics and how to order! I am so excited about this and cannot wait to model all my pieces.

In the evenings, we walked all over the city, combing the streets for bargains. Below is a picture of me after successfully "negotiating" with the guys in Chinatown for a Louis Vitton weekender bag. And yes, they were hinkyand sold their merchandise out of black trash bags - glad I got what I wanted (right before the police showed up - yikes!)

I met many new friends at the various vendors, as well as picked up a new sponsor who gave me 10 pairs of the coolest funky-but-chic shoes you've ever seen. Check out Kelsi Dagger made by Pour La Victoire! Highline United, a PR firm for various shoe companies, are allowing me to borrow shoes for Miss America. Exciting!