Friday, May 14, 2010

Mineral County Schools

Mineral County is the home county to Miss West Virginia 2008, Kayla Lynam.  So I reached out to her and her family and asked if I could "impose" and stay at their home for a night or two.  Thankfully, they agreed with open arms, and after my first school, New Creek Elementary, I ventured to my new "home away from home." 

Laura Lynam, Kayla’s mom, had MAJOR back surgery this past December.  Kayla finished up her degree after her year as Miss WV and took the spring off from job hunting to serve as her mother's nurse.  Now Kayla is living in Washington, DC and working for the US Navy as a Nuclear Propulsions Specialist!  I am still scratching my head as to what she actually does because it is way above my head, but she loves where she lives and the position she is in, so that is all that matters.

After MUCH needed catching up, Laura and I went to Gabriel Brothers where I found a few "steals of the century." After more catching up, it was time to hit the bed and rise for another day of appearances and schools.
(Mineral County Alternative School)

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