Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jason Michael Carroll Concert

Jason Michael Carroll was “the bomb dot com!” I was able to get tickets with a close friend, and the concert was held at Snowshoe Ski Resort. Because of the location, the concert only held 100 people and I was able to meet Jason before he performed. He has a song about child abuse – Alyssia Lies – and I wanted to let him know that was my platform and that I would be using his song within my school, community and church tour. He was so gracious and I was thrilled to be able to meet such an amazing artist!

Italian Heritage Festival Parade

Saturday morning started off at 5:00am. After packing up and getting ready, I headed to Clarksburg to the Italian Heritage Festival parade. After getting there I made a few new friends and signed some autographs. Before you knew it, it was time to jump in the car with Miss West Virginia President, Barb Brunetti.

The parade lasted about 40 minutes and after that I caught up with Barb and the owner of the hot red convertible, Susan. We talked about Miss America, boys, etc. Loved spending time with them and look forward to it again.