Thursday, June 17, 2010

Miss Ability Pageant

The Miss Ability pageant was started by a former Miss WV contestant during her years of involvement in the program.  Dea Simpson had a passion for those individuals that were involved in the Stepping Stones program, a program for those individuals that need a little more special attention and guidance.  She had worked as a volunteer at Stepping Stones for many years and a few years into her journey toward the Miss WV crown, she opened up a statewide pageant for those girls that longed to be on a pageant stage.  

Much like the Miss America/Miss WV Organization, the Miss Ability contestants competed in personal interview, onstage interview, evening gown, and talent.  I was there to help Dea and the others who had helped take over the pageant and encourage its growth.  They had around 15-20 contestants competing in both the Miss and Teen pageants.  

I had worked with "Viking Buddies" during high school and always enjoyed my time spent with, Brandon Milhoan, my buddy.  So when I was asked to attend and help out with the Miss Ability contestants, I was ecstatic.  My job was to encourage the girls, make them laugh, but more make sure their makeup, nails and hair was fit for a Queen.  

Each girl was able to pick out her own makeup colors, as well as nail polish.  There were many different helpers and former/current queens there to help the Miss Ability contestants.    

These contestants are the sweetest girls I have ever met.  They were helping each other out, asking one another what looked best, and encouraged each other after they finished or began their talent. They truly are special to each and every person they meet.  

When it came time to practice their talent, I just cried.  One girl did the ENTIRE Miley Cyrus "Welcome to the Hoe-Down" dance, complete with the pop it, lock it, twist it and drop it!  Others sang, a few read a poem, but each were AMAZING!  I just kept thinking...did I ever have that much confidence in myself, in who I was?  I was so impressed and walked away from that pageant/experience a changed person.  

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