Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marmet Elementary

Marmet, a town near my hometown and down the street from where I attended college, hosts a school with the BEST kids and BEST Mayor!  I met Mayor Bill when I was working at the WV State Legislature as a Legislative Analyst for Senate Minority Leader, Don Caruth.  He was my lunch buddy and served as one of the doormen.  Both he and the others let me each lunch with them each day and that was the highlight of my time working at the State Capitol.  So, after my school visit, I went over to the city building and was able to visit a few minutes with my old Capitol friend.  

This school was close to one of the last and they always say "Save the Best for Last."  I will never forget this school.  When I walked in, I went straight to the office.  Outside the children were lining up but the cafeteria wasn't cleared for them yet.  So after a few minutes of waiting, they dropped to the floor and sat along the wall.  When I walked out to run to the bathroom before the presentation, the kids were all looking up with their mouths open and fingers pointed at me.  As soon as I reach the bathroom and went in, I heard a little girl go "OH MY GOSH! That was Miss West Virginia that just went into the bathroom."  The kids went wild....all over me going to the bathroom!

From there we all gathered in to the cafeteria and I read a book to the K-2nd graders.  Then after that we sang a song.  They wanted to sing "The Climb", "Bad Romance", and "Baby" but when it came time for the volunteers to sing with me, they came up but wouldn't sing.  So, needless to say it was a bunch of loud bad humming on my part.  

Then the 3rd-5th grades came in and we did the normal presentation of overcoming obstacles and adversity to achieve your goals.  This school was one of the most fun and will always be remembered!

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