Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dunbar Kids Day

This appearance was unique because I got to be "Daddy's Little Girl."  My dad has been a part of the Search & Rescue Dog Team for almost two years now.  He has a bloodhound named Ellie May and has worked with and trained her to find missing people.  So far, both Ellie and Dad have gone on a few trips and even retrieved an elderly man that had lost his way when walking around in the woods.  After four days, he was still alive and well and didn't even have to have much done in the hospital other than fill him with some fluids.
The Dunbar Kids Day was put on by the Mayor of Dunbar.  He wanted a day dedicated to each aspect of safety before the kids were let out for school.  A participant on the Search and Rescue team is a great friend of the mayor and she was asked to have the dogs and their owner/trainer come an set up an exhibit as well.  

Being that my dad wanted to have "Father-Daughter Day" as well as give me an opportunity to speak to the children in attendance on the topic of safety, he asked me to join him.  All in all....I was Daddy's least that day!

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