Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wellsburg Apple Festival

I had the BEST time at the Wellsburg Apple Festival. It was a long drive from Martinsburg to Wellsburg [4 hrs], but boy, was it worth it! Upon arrival, I was greeted by Ernie Jack who had arranged my attendance. We then perused the many different booths of the festival for an hour. We joked, but literally, you could go broke at this festival. They had everything from designer purses, breast cancer calendars, roasted peanuts, to jewelry and face painting. I purchased a LARGE black and silver broach, and Ernie insisted I have some of the peanut, almond and cashew sugar roasted peanuts.

From there the Queens and Princesses of the festival were "re-crowned" by me and we all went out to lunch to visit! I sat with the girls and they ranged in age from 3-16. We had the best time getting to know each other and the food wasn’t too bad either!

A high school friend of mine had come to see me at the festival. George Gerbo and I met at a Hi-Y function while in high school, clicked, and kept in touch throughout college. He lived about 30 minutes away and brought his family along with him. After lunch with the “queens,” George and I visited a few more booths before going to Wendy’s to meet his parents and sister for coffee. We sat in Wendy’s catching up for about an hour and then I had to go back to Wheeling to pick up the rest of the gang.

After reigning as the WV Association of Fairs and Festivals Queen – visiting many different fairs and festivals throughout my year - I would have to rate this festival as being one of the best and certainly full of fun!

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