Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lincoln Co. Schools

Fortunately, Kyle was able to spend Friday attending the Lincoln County schools with me. We both had a ball! Lincoln County is probably one of the most friendly, giving and loving counties in the state of West Virginia.

We started out our morning at Ranger Elementary and the kids were so well behaved! They loved Kyle and right before he was introduced, we did a big “1, 2, 3, KYLE” yell – the kids loved that! After we both presented, the kids all came and gave us hugs and you could tell they were afraid to reach out, but when you latched your arms around them, they didn’t want to let go.

From there we were in a rush to get to Harts Middle. We were told by Jack Wiseman that this was a school that had the biggest heart, but most of the kids didn’t have the luxuries in life many of the students at other schools had. Jack was right! These were the best behaved students, most interested and attentive, they had great questions at the end….and we even got to eat lunch with the whole school.

After leaving, Kyle said “Schools like these are why I love coming here.” These kids had hearts as big as arms opened wide, and their future is great and only to be imagined.

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