Thursday, October 22, 2009

Raleigh Co. Schools

I had never really realized how big each county in WV is until I have to run from one school to the next. I experienced this in Lincoln County, but figured that was just Lincoln County. No, Raleigh is the same. I attended Liberty High School, Trap Hill Middle, and Fairdale Elementary. One day I wore my Jessica Simpson black booties with a bow, and during the Q&A, a boy asked me if he could wear my shoe. See photo....

Fairdale Elementary was my favorite among the three, simply because it was only the fifth grade. My mom summed it up well when she said “If I was ever going to teach, I would like to teach 5th grade because at that age they are old enough to have an adult conversation with, but aren’t know-it-alls yet.” Isn’t that true? This class was much like Ranger Elementary – so attentive, asked great questions, and participated. After I was done, I just wanted to stay and spend the rest of the day with those kids and teachers!

But….mom and I had TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby on our minds and ‘how dare we miss a good deal!’ So we did a little damage at each location and met my dad and his friend, Judge Murensky of McDowell County, for dinner.

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