Monday, April 12, 2010

Jackson County Schools - Henry J. Kaiser & Gilmore

It felt so good to be in my hometown, in "my schools."  I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Henry J. Kaiser Elementary in Ravenswood and Gilmore Elementary in Sandyville.  Each school was so well behaved and so fun to be with. 

Most of the time it is the Q&A afterward where you get the funny questions/statements, but not this was the beginning of the presentation!  There was a little boy that commented on my earrings.  He said "I love your earrings!  My mom wears ones like that too!"  I laughed because of his observance, but took the compliment and felt like a queen from that moment on.  The next little boy asked me to come over to him.  He said he had a secret  I leaned down and he asked me "Miss WV, where did you get your hat?"  He was referring to my crown, and the boy beside of him elbowed him and said in the most serious voice, "That is a CROWN, not a HAT!"  I just had to laugh, but it was like these kids had adult mannerisms....wonder where they get it from? lolololol

Anyway, being in my home county felt so good and comforting!  There is just something about that feeling of home....

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