Monday, April 12, 2010

Grandview Elementary After School

I think when you are least looking out for God's involvement in your everyday life, He shows up.  I was asked to come and speak to Grandview Elementary's after school program about making positive choices.  After the presentation, as usual we did a short Q&A.  The kids asked the normal questions about "What does it feel like to be Miss WV, "What is your favorite part," "Did you come in a limo," "What is Miss WV," etc.  This time one of the teachers asked a question.  She simply wanted to know where I was from, and I replied "Jackson County, about 30 minutes from here."

Later after I had concluded my presentation, she asked me if I knew the Kerseys, Ashley, Jim and Debbie.  I replied, "Yes! I just love Ashley!  How is Debbie doing?"  We then talked for 30 minutes about Debbie's battle with cancer and how Ashley and Jim were taking it.  I then asked her how she knew them.  She teared up and said "I am Ashley's aunt and take care of their home when I am not at school." We both just sat in the cafeteria...with the kids running around...and got tears in our eyes.  

I realized then, that God needed me to go to that school so I would see how good I had it, that I still had my mom around and will forever...I hope.  That I didn't have family members that were battling with life-threatening diseases.  That I had this wonderful dream come true.  I needed to see that there were others around me that were battling and I needed to reach out.  

She, the wonderful teacher, was brought into my life for more than just a school presentation.

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