Sunday, March 21, 2010

WV Bow Hunters Association Dinner

The WV Bow Hunters Association Awards Banquet is an annual appearance for the Miss Kanawha Valley Scholarship Organizations titleholders.  Well, since I was a FORMER titleholder and Miss WV was an attendee to the event last year, I was able again to help out with the festivities.  

(He wanted to make sure that we got his leg raise in the picture, lololol  Great guys.)

Altogether we had four girls that were to help out with the various games and raise funds for the association.  The girls in attendance were:  Misty McMinn, Mrs. WV International, Emily Shaffer, Miss Appalachia, Jessica Keefer, Miss Coal Valley, and myself.

The hunters would come in the door and encouraged to purchase a mug of tickets off of the beautiful titleholders.  From there, they would tear off the tickets and place their numbers into the various different buckets that would give them the opportunity to win that certain prize.  These prizes could run from a flashlight to a target deer or 18-person tent.  

(This little boy was DARLING!  I had to take a picture of him...he was kinda afraid of me though.)

Each titleholder was in charge of one game and these games were run somewhat the same way as the bucket/ticketed items.  My game offered the chance to win a Yorkiepoo puppy or a gun.  The interested hunter would pay $10 for a chance to win either item and would get either 2, 4, or 6 tickets, qualifying them for that many chances at a win.   

Honestly, I fell in love with the dog and paid more attention to it than I did the game and the hunters.  Good thing I had someone else helping me take the money and hand out the number of tickets drawn!  After it was all said and done, the association made $1500 on my dog game and much more on the other games offered at the dinner.  

The best way to describe this appearance was to consider yourself a “glorified hunting Vania White.”  Each of the titleholders had a great time helping raise funds for the association as well as being together. 

(Yes, this is called....only bringing with you what you need for that day or the next day.  I did go to the gas station for snacks with the girls in this 'get-up.'  I had those shoes from my outfit that I arrived in.  The sweat outfit was something I brought for hanging out, but didn't bring shoes.  And lastly, that is my winter coat.  I am not at all going to be on the 'fashion emergency' section of the next Star News!)

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