Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week of After Schools~

Many Miss WV titleholders got to school or live in Morgantown.  Two titleholders, Maggie Power & Megan Otte were able to join me at the Mountainview Middle School appearance.  The boy to the FAR RIGHT asked me what he looked like in the picture since he was cracking his back.  We all got such a laugh out of it that he made me put it on the blog.

Due to the MANY snow storms that have occurred here in WV this winter season, my school tour has reached out to every school program imaginable to fulfill the required amount of schools....and keep busy.  So this week in Morgantown I visited seven after school programs.  I started out my week at Brookhaven Elementary and finished up at Suncrest Primary School.  In between, appearance locations consisted of Mountainview Middle, North Elementary, Skyview Elementary, and Cheat Lake Elementary.  Because of these appearances being with the various after school programs, each day offered something different; which I loved!

(Suncrest Primary School - LOVED each and every one of these students.  The boy raising his hands was a blast!)

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