Sunday, December 13, 2009

Upshur County Schools

During the first week of November, I had the opportunity to visit nine different schools and one church in Upshur County, West Virginia: Hodgesville Elementary, Washington District Elementary, Union Elementary, Rock Cave, French Creek, Buckhannon Elementary, West Virginia Weselyan College and Buckhannon Upshur High School. All the students were fantastic and so well behaved.

In each school I received the normal questions, but I did get asked to go to the school ball that was taking place that Friday afternoon with one of the 5th grade boys - probably was the best offer I'd had all week!

Union Elementary finished up my last school presentation. When I arrived, there were two newspapers there and two TV crews ready to capture a story. I had never felt like a celebrity until that day! After the various interviews, the school assembled for the presentation and we have K-5 in the gymnasium. The presentation went WONDERFULLY, and after I was finished I was even offered a job teaching at the school when I completed my reign of service. I laughed….as I have never really seen myself as a teacher….but had a great time with my presentation that day.

During that week I was granted the opportunity to speak to a classroom of students at West Virginia Weselyan College. This was a class full of future educators, so I explained what the job of Miss West Virginia was, my platform, and how to look out for signs of abuse and neglect within your future students. It was exciting to meet some inspiring students who have great plans for their future, and I hope to continue my relationship with them beyond my year as Miss West Virginia, as they're going places!

Lastly, one of the best things about this week on the road was that I was able to stay in a bed and breakfast that was HUGE! I had my own room, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The d├ęcor reflected the Victorian era and was a home of serenity for me that week. Check it out – The Governor’s Inn:

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