Sunday, December 13, 2009

West Virginia Museum

I love shoes...but how did the women fit their feet into these skinny things?

Sunday afternoon I visited the West Virginia Museum while waiting in for church to start that evening. I had been one time, but was there on a ‘business type’ trip and was unable to take in everything the museum had to offer.

Honestly, I hate museums. I would rather watch the History Channel and be schooled on the history of certain things than go to a museum where you have to read everything and try to take it in. This museum is an EXCEPTION though! It is as good, if not better, than the Smithsonian and I am just not saying that because I am Miss West Virginia.

I spent three hours reading all the history on West Virginia and educating myself on my great state. The museum starts from 1300BC with coal-like floors to present day. While you are on the path, there are Discover Rooms that will educate you more on that era and the hot topics going on during that time. The flooring and d├ęcor represents the era. So if you are walking through the 1800s, there are going to be horse shoes and boots in the flooring, while 1950 features a road, diner and train tracks.

It is worth spending an afternoon! Open Tuesday – Sunday at the Cultural Center beside the State Capitol.

I am a woman's rights advocate - loved this room!

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