Sunday, December 13, 2009

Morgantown Pioneer Girls Church Group

Christine Langdon, now Christine Feathers, asked me to come and speak to her “Girls Charm Class" as well as the girls ages 5-13 at her church. The Charm Class is for girls in 6th grade that are learning about your skin, appearance, reputation and being a woman of God. Christine truly is that kind of woman so 1)being her friend is a blessing, but 2) she is the most qualified teacher for this certain course.

The Charm Class girls and myself arrived at the church early to eat dinner together and chat. They had a few questions for me, but not as many as I expected from 12/13 year old girls. After that we all went into the fellowship hall where there were 60 girls waiting to make crafts and hear a talk from “Miss West Virginia.”

I talked to the girls for about 15 minutes about my faith, how being Miss West Virginia was part of God’s plan for me and that God has a plan for each one of them. We looked at five different scriptures that encompassed God’s desires for each of His to be a woman of God. After that I took a Q & A session and got every question from “Do you like boys?” to “Where do you live?” to “Do you wear your crown even when you sleep?”

Each of the girls made foam crowns and we all took pictures. This was a wonderful experience, and I hope during this year, I get more opportunities to talk to talk to girls/women about self worth in God’s eyes.

I just received an e-mail containing this letter that one of the girls wrote to the Editor of the Dominion Post - a future Miss WV, I'm certain! Read below:

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