Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monarch Misses - LouMasi & Mom

In 2006, the Monarch Miss Mentoring program was added to the Miss West Virginia Scholarship Organization. With some help from a former Miss West Virginia’s Outstanding Teen and now current competitor for Miss West Virginia, Jessica Schuler, and other Miss America State Organizations, we in WV were finally a part of the mentoring opportunities associated with Miss America.

(With Danielle at the Greenbrier 4th of July Parade)

This past year I was assigned to two Monarch Misses, Evie Thorn and Danielle Jolliffe. Danielle and I have been able to stay in touch because of her mom – the manager of the State Fair of West Virginia – but Evie and I haven’t gotten to get together this year. I hope if there is a "next time" I get to visit Petersburg, I will be able to connect with her. She is a great girl…just growing up and dealing with the day to day busy lifestyle.

(With LouMasi and Baby Talia)
I have had the blessing this year to have adopted LouMasi Lott as my Monarch Miss.  She and her mom found me and have been such a support. Her mom recently wrote me a facebook message about Masi singing EVERY WORD of my Precious Lord, Miss America talent song, to her doll “Baby Talia.” I guess you never realize how you affect little girls or how much they remember until you are hit in the face with the reality that it is not just a MYTH….they really do look up to you!
After the bridal show in Parkersburg, I had a few hours to spend with both her and her mom at Applebee’s and I can’t wait till the next time we can get together. They both are WONDERFUL people and women I look forward to spending a lifetime getting to know!

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