Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IHOP National Pancake Day

Since beginning its National Pancake Day celebration in 2006, IHOP has raised more than $3.25 million to support charities in the communities in which it operates. While IHOP's National Pancake Day typically takes place on Shrove Tuesday, this year the company will host its free pancake event on Tuesday, February 23, extending the fundraising window by one week to maximize donations for Children's Miracle Network. With your help, we hope to raise $5 million in five years for Children's Miracle Network and other local charities through your donations in 2010!

(New friend and a new bride-to-be)

Known also as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, National Pancake Day dates back several centuries to when the English prepped for fasting during Lent. Strict rules prohibited the eating of all dairy products during Lent, so pancakes were made to use up the supply of eggs, milk, butter and other dairy products...hence the name Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday.

I was privileged to host at the IHOP in Beckley, WV, right off of Harper Road. There I spent a few hours with the guests that came in to support the day and it cause. I even reconnected with someone that I worked with a few years back when on the McCain campaign (see picture above). Other Miss America and "Miss State" contestants also partook in the day by offering up a few hours of their time to flip flapjacks or visit with the guests of IHOP. A few Miss West Virginia contestants had pictures posted of their experience and I stole those to show with you. You will see below.
When sitting down with the guests, I stuck up a conversation about almost anything. An older woman and her "daughter-in-law to be" were eating their breakfast meal and she told me she was a pastor of a church in Beckley.  We started talking about our faith and our church experiences. Always when you need a pick-me-up, God is there. Everyone and everything else fades, but He remains ever present!

(Megan Otte - Miss Kanawha Valley)

(Jessica Schuler - Miss Metro Valley]

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