Friday, October 30, 2009

Boone Co. Schools

Friday was spent in Boone Co. visiting both Sherman High School and the Junior High School. The high school presentation was awesome! The entire high school filled into the gymnasium and I was introduced by the Student Body President.

This was a fancy presentation and I almost felt under dressed. I had on a sequined top and jeans that matched it with rhinestone in the right areas, but the Student Body President had on a skirt, tights, heels and a cute top. They also had the Sherman High School podium for me to speak behind.

I only had to call the class down once but other than that, 99% of the students were very attentive and seemed interested. After the presentation, I was offered a job teaching at Sherman High School…but still not sure that is a position for me.

Sherman Junior High was FANTASTIC! They had all the kids file into the gym and then called me in. They were ecstatic and listened/participated so well. They were probably my favorite middle school so far because we did about a 35minute Q&A afterward.

There questions were interesting, but not as cute as the elementary questions…more adult like, which was great! My dad was able to attend both schools with me. So that was a nice surprise to the day and we were able to catch up.

(I am 2 over from the lady in the blue top, near the door)

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