Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday – MAO Teen Pageant Finals!

This morning, each of the contestants taped a minute-long promo commercial for “Being Green in Beautiful with GreenT,” one of the sponsors of the Miss America organization. We each had to come up with an eco-friendly tip based on personal experience. That was easy for me, as my grandma has washed aluminum foil and plastic bags my whole life, and if any of us throw anything away that could have been washed up, we feel guilty!

Mom and I had lunch with Leah Summers, WV’s Executive Director, and Jen Garten, WV’s Outstanding Teen Executive Director. Good times, lots of laughs, and great food! Saturday night was the final pageant for the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, and as promised, it was a showstopper. I sure am glad I wasn’t a judge. At the end of the night, Miss WV’s Outstanding Teen, Jackie Riggleman, received the Community Service Award, and Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen was crowned the winner. We are so proud of Jackie, as her award highlights the most important part of the Miss America organization, giving back – way to go, Jackie!
Sunday and Monday, Mom and I rested and shopped at the outlets. I have never tried on so many things in such a short period of time in my life. Neiman Marcus and Saks had outlets there, and their clearance racks were actually affordable, so we spent a good bit of time looking for cocktail dresses and things I might need in January. By Monday night, we both were so exhausted, we could hardly walk.

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