Sunday, August 30, 2009

Atlanta's Apparel Mart Modeling - Claire's Collection

Did you know you can die from trying on clothes? I didn’t realize it until I tried on pageant gowns for four days straight. Claire’s Collection gowns are custom-made with the most intricate beading and design imaginable. Their showroom at the market was a little different than most, as gowns were shown by private appointment, which meant I would try on all 120 gowns if the buyer wanted that. Most only wanted 20 to 30 of their favorites tried on, and of course, would discuss design changes and additions to make each gown unique for their client. As you might imagine, I quickly ascertained which gowns were my favorite, and was thrilled to design and order my Miss America evening gown!

I cannot thank Jane Engelke from Elizabeth Michaels enough for all she's also done for me. She introduced me to Daniel two years ago, and she has made certain I have all the best clothes to wear - plus I love having her and her mom as my friend!

It was fun to see several other Miss America contestants there. Miss Massachusetts and Miss Indiana were modeling with Tony Bowls, Miss Florida and Pennsylvania were there on behalf of Jovani, and shopping through the week, I saw Miss Virginia, Miss South Carolina, Miss Louisiana and Miss Tennessee. Joe Whiteko stopped in to take some photographs, and several of the other models wanted to try on my gown and sash, so here is my "mob" video!

Daniel gave me the day off on Sunday to shop for my Miss America wardrobe – what a day! I met some of the neatest designers who were willing to let me try on th
eir creations, and some of them even gave me clothes for free – so exciting! The most exciting part of the day came near the end of the day when we were feeling very pressed for decisions. I had tried on several things from a designer called Musani and absolutely LOVED everything I put on. Par to the course, their clothing was very upscale and expensive, which I’m sure is why I wanted it all! I had promised the Musani folks that I would make a decision on what I thought I might be able to purchase by late afternoon. When I went back to their showroom, the designer had UNBELIEVABLE news for me! He has a show in New York City next month, and in between my trying on and coming back, he had fired his model and wanted to hire me and become a sponsor by giving me free clothing – woohoo!!!! I’m off to The Big Apple!

Truly, becoming Miss West Virginia has been so far above and beyond what I could have ever dreamed – God is so good to me, I cannot thank Him enough for his blessings!

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