Saturday, August 15, 2009

MAO Fundraiser

Last night, we went to a marvelous estate owned by a couple who have been profitable in time shares. The wife was a previous model, now married to a man 40 years her senior. They have seven children. Their home was 25,000 square feet, and the new home they are building will be 90,000 square feet. There was food from all kinds of different restaurants, and we were able to tour some of their home, which included separate suites for their children and their nannies. Certainly a far cry from what we in West Virginia are used to!

Enjoyed my time with the girls - sat with David Lang and Gary O'Neal of Regalia who own an amazing shop that specializes just in pageantry. I always love time spent with these guys!

We ended off the evening by all the contestants dancing (Electric Slide, etc.) while everyone watched! Tomorrow morning is Miss America orientation, then the final night of the Miss Teen pageant. These teens are TOTALLY AMAZING, so it will be a hard pick, I'm sure!

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