Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Winfield STAND School Meeting

I am always asked "What is your favorite school that you have been to?"  Honestly, I had a few different answers, but Winfield High School visit has been my favorite HIGH SCHOOL so far:)  There was a new club starting up, and the two co-founders found me on the internet and called Rose, my appearance coordinator, and booked me for their second meeting.

Brittany and Sam, the club representatives, met me in the school office that afternoon.  Because of their level of professionalism, I assumed they were seniors in high school, but after having the opportunity to go to school lunch....yes, school lunch....with them, I realized they were freshman.  I was blown away!

Eating school lunch was my favorite!  Winfield was having Easter Dinner that day at lunch so we all had turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, apple pie, chocolate milk and the SCHOOL ROLLS:)  Let's just say that the school rolls were as SCRUMPTIOUS as I had remembered!

After meeting and greeting with a few of the other students that attended Winfield High School, we left to conduct the meeting.  On our way to the library, both Brittany and Sam said "No one believed us that you were coming.  So I am so glad that you came to lunch with us to show the whole school that we weren't lying and that we were famous enough to be your friend!"  That made my day and I have continued to stay in touch with both of them (pictured below).

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