Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lincoln High School GEAR UP

WV GEAR UP is a federally funded, six-year program aimed at Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs. GEAR UP provides rigorous educational services to help students plan, apply and pay for education and training beyond high school.  I had the wonderful opportunity to go into Lincoln High School in the Clarksburg area to talk to the students and parents partaking in the GEAR UP Challenge.   

Being that this was not a "normal" school appearance with my platform speech ready, I talked about the importance of going on to further your education or obtain an apprenticeship or certificate that will qualify you for more jobs in your field.  Also I talked about my work with election campaigns and how that lead me to my job with the White House and also the McCain campaign.  Throughout those experiences and life lessons, much was learned: Goal Setting, Time Management, Making Wise Choices, Knowing Who You Are, and most importantly, What You Want to be Remembered For.  

I relived my experience in high school serving as President for two large clubs, filling out the FAFSA, applying for college, applying for various scholarships, choosing my place of study, and picking a major.  I got a few laughs about the FAFSA form and my parents wanting to kill me just because I was a senior and there was so much that went into that year.  But again, to sum up the presentation, "Life isn't easy....but it's great!"  

I am very satisfied with where I am in life right now, but I know I am here because of the hard work that was bestowed upon me, the support system I had at home and at school, and the push to set and achieve goals.  

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