Thursday, February 18, 2010

Queen for a Day!

After returning home from Las Vegas I was graced with the opportunity to spend the afternoon with a four-year-old little girl at CAMC. She had just finished up with a procedure and we were able to get together and have a few hours of “girl time.” We painted nails, did makeovers on each other, and ate our favorite candy...Chewy Sprees:)
We all know the feeling from dressing up, putting on a little lipstick or wearing our favorite outfit.  As a college student, I would dress up for exams because I carried myself differently "fixed up."   It was easier to focus and I felt more energetic.    That's the concept of QFAD - giving a little pick-me-up to kids in treatment for cancer. QFAD isn't about looking good.  It's about feeling good.
Queen for a day is done all over the United States through personal visits and group parties where makeovers, crafts, manicures, games, temporary tattoos and entertainers are all a part. Girls receive boas and tiaras donated by beauty queens; boys receive fireman hats and a badge.  The little girl that I spent the day with reminded me of HOPE.  No matter the situation she was in, she laughed and smiled and was so excited to go to the Mexican restaurant for chips and cheese that afternoon.  I could tell that her parents loved her like no one else and soaked up each minute they were able to spend with their precious, happy-go-lucky daughter.

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