Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Misty McMinn: Local Director, Hair & Makeup Artist for Miss America, and Best Friend.

Misty Quick McMinn is known to many as Mrs. WV International, Local Director, Pageant Guru, former contestant, best Mrs. WV EVER, confidant and pageant acquaintance, but to me….she is Best Friend! She was gracious enough to do my hair and makeup for Miss America, but that is not where our journey together started.
(First year at Miss West Virginia)

My first year at Miss WV she was a fellow contestant. After devoting many years of her life to the Miss WV Scholarship Organization she decided to forgo being a contestant and become a local director. I competed in her first local and then was her queen her third and fourth year as the Miss Kanawha Valley Scholarship Organization Director. In her short time of serving as a local director, she has had two miss West Virginias and other top placements.

(At my send off party for Miss America where she kept the program running)

Throughout the years of helping me with pageantry, being my local director, and hair and makeup artist….she has also served as a confidant, homemaker (I stay with her a good bit), someone to laugh with, but someone who I can trust with anything and has helped mold me into who I am today. She, along with the Miss WV Board and my family, was the one who pushed me in my preparation for Miss America and Miss West Virginia.
(Yes, that is edible gold printed Bally's. Better be for the price of the buffet, but it was SO WORTH IT!)
(Morning after Miss America at THE BEST BUFFET IN LAS VEGAS. We had everything from chocolate, breakfast foods, seafood, any fruit imaginable, etc.)

She always gives good advice, provides a laugh...and the truth, and is someone I will forever be amazed by! So lucky to have her in my life….

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