Saturday, July 25, 2009

Republican Summit

Since I was Princeton the night before, I was able to eat breakfast with an old friend and former Miss West Virginia, Summer Wyatt.  We met at Cracker Barrel and caught up in between eating the eggs, bacon and biscuits!


From there, I traveled to Charleston where I spoke at the WV Republican Summit.  This was a conference put on by Governor Eisenhower’s Internship program for individuals interested in pursuing a career, or involving themselves in the race for public office.  I was fortunate enough to speak and spoke about being from a political family, campaign since I was 12, interning for Congresswoman Capito’s 2006 Congressional campaign, being appointed to the White House Advance Team and then working with Sarah Palin.  After talking about some of my experiences, I talked about how I had a goal to be Miss West Virginia and it took me 4 years to accomplish that goal.  I said “I know many of you might have a goal and that goal might be to be a sitting congress person, graduate high school or college with honors, participate as a staffer for a national campaign but you are never going to accomplish those things without hard work.  It isn’t going to be easy, some days you are going to feel like giving up, but if at the end of the day you can’t see your life without achieving that goal or being in that place, then it is worth pressing on through the hard times.  I did and now after 4 years of exactly that, hard work, I have accomplished one of my lifetime goals…..but will probably run for office too!  They laughed….

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