Friday, July 24, 2009

Princeton Elks Camp

I went to the Princeton Elks Camp that is put on by the Elks Association for special needs campers.  Again, I am amazed at the generosity and hard work that is put into a camp of this kind.  The camp director and President of the Elks Association told me “Most of the time this is the only week all year that the parents of these campers gets to have a vacation or time alone with each other.  These campers are all 24/7 care children to these parents and they are very appreciate to have time off while their child enjoys the time being with their peers.  These are the unsung heroes that never get the recognition that they deserve…but don’t expect any recognition or even want it…they just want these kids to feel like they are, loved and cherished in society.


I arrived around 5:30 and ate dinner – pizza and fruit – with the campers.  It was one campers birthday and for 13 years he has been celebrating it with the many other Princeton Elks campers.  So we had cake and ice cream to celebrate in style.  It was the last night of camp.  Everyone was signing each others shirts with special sayings or just a signature and I guess mine was a hit J  

When the campers sign in on Monday morning they are asked what they would like Santa to bring them.  The Elks camp purchases the requested items and at the end of the week the campers receive “Christmas with Santa.”  These campers don’t ask for iPod’s, video games, or expensive clothes or shoes.  One camper asked for a new pair of jeans and shoes, the other asked for a portable CD player, one asked for a CD, etc.  There were 79 campers and each camper got the exact gift they asked for~  HOW COOL?


After everyone opened up their gifts we had a farewell dance where an old acquaintance of mine sang T-R-O-U-B-L-E~  Always a great time when being with the Elks association!

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