Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Miss America Photo Shoot

Spent the evening with Trey Barker, my official Miss America photographer – what fun that was!  He is so easy to work with, is so talented, and I think we came up with some really unique photos.  One of my favorites is the one where I’m on the trunk in the middle of the road.  To set the scene:  Been raining all day off and on, still misting when we went out to “try again.”  There I am laying on this trunk, trucks coming down the road – they wouldn’t even hardly stop to get past me!  They’re probably thinking, “Some drugged-up weirdo out here laying on this wooden box, big enough to fit a dead body in!”  I cannot thank Misty enough for hooking me up with Trey, and can’t thank him enough for all the extra things he’s done for me.  Check out his web site at  Would highly recommend him!

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