Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meeting with Mission WV Frameworks and DHHR - Martha Walker

My mother and I met this morning with Kelly Thompson and a few others at Mission West Virginia, the group that does public relations for recruitment of foster and adoptive families as well as administers several other programs that assist DHHR.  We learned of the many ways we could partner together to bring new awareness to the public of the many opportunities to help families in crisis.  One of the most interesting things we talked about was their program to transition foster children out of the system.  Can you imagine turning 18, having had your parents’ rights permanently terminated, been moved from foster home to foster home, and then you’re just on your own?  DHHR has programs to help fund college costs, but on the college breaks and the summers, you have no one to go home to.  That issue has really hit me hard, as I am so close to my family and their presence in my life is so huge – I don’t think I could make it.  We are looking for families willing to become a mentor in their lives, willing to invite them to holidays and family gatherings, take an interest in them and be an encouragement.  

Please log on to their site at www.wvmission.org for more information.

We left Mission West Virginia and headed off to see my trainer, Taylor Stillpass at Hurricane, where he critiqued my body and suggested some changes I needed to be working on.  From there, we jetted over to TJ Maxx to shop for “headshot clothes,” things with interesting necks to use for tomorrow’s photo shoot.

Had an afternoon appointment with Jason Najmulski and Marsha Daddisman from DHHR Cabinet Secretary Martha Walker’s office to discuss legislation we might pursue that would help CPS workers or other DHHR needs.  They were so incredibly welcoming and forthcoming.  They had packets prepared showing me the relevant statistics, where the money is going and what holes in the system we currently have.  I could not have asked for a better reception or more cooperation, and I am really looking forward to working with them to achieve the goals that will better our response teams in all areas. 

Off to the mall to look for more funky-neck clothes, and mom and I practically crawled home, glad to be out of those high heels and power suits!

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