Friday, December 18, 2009

Inwood Christmas Banquet & Parade

Inwood, WV – near Martinsburg, WV – always throws the best parties and offers the best parades to watch. This Christmas they were hosting their annual South Berkeley Christmas Banquet and Parade and I was invited to participate.

The banquet was held on Saturday night and honored one particular man and others that have supported and given back to their community in one way or another. Featured was an honorary student, citizen, mayor, sports marshal, invited guests, and also featured were the king and queen who were selected by essay submission. Throughout the banquet the various different honorary attendees spoke for 5-10 minutes.

Throughout each speech I became in awe of how much time and preparation had gone into starting the Christmas parade years ago and how each year they keep getting bigger and bigger. The Rutherfords are to thank for the past few years of organization and promotion of the South Berkeley County Christmas parade.

There were 178 entries in Sunday’s parade, even with the temperature measuring 34 degrees. Hot coco was served during the parade route by a local church and man it was good! I was number 66 and was provided a restored jeep convertible! My driver was such a blast to be around. He was 60+ and owned a Hummer vehicle. He said when they came out, he couldn’t wait to get one, but had to spend two years researching, checking them out, and most importantly – convincing his wife! I hope the next time I am in the South Berkeley both his family and myself and take another ride in that beautiful jeep!

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