Monday, September 14, 2009


This has been a great week, but busy. I spent the first couple days working on getting radio stations to play my Public Service Announcements, finalizing the projection and multimedia needs for my school tour, a million other details that take more time than you think they will.

Had a crazy day on Thursday. Arrived in Bridgeport and was the opening speaker for the WV CASA Seminar - what an honor that was! I am a trained CASA worker, but I have yet to be given a case since my schedule has changed, so I was speaking to the dedicated workers who do so much with so little recognition. I stayed for lunch to be able to spend more time with them, which put me late for my next event. Here's where it all goes to pot! I didn't want to take time to get gas (first mistake!), so I ran out of gas....lucky to run out of gas on the ramp with a gas station within walking distance! Luckily the Coke and Pepsi distributors were stocking the fridge and saw me walking into the gas station in 4.5" heels and a dress. I guess they felt sorry for me because they decided to push me to the gas station, all three of them. After I arrived at the pump, I wrote out some interesting autograph cards, in thanks that they pushed me to get gas! lolol

In trying to make up for lost time, I got a speeding ticket! Right after getting the speeding ticket, I get a call that the parade I was supposed to be in on Friday as the Grand Marshal, they didn't have a car for me and had forgotten to tell me that. I was ready to cry already, and that just sent me over the edge! While I'm driving as fast as I can (legally, of course!), a friend calls and rescues me with an offer to help me find a car.

Thank you, thank you, to I-77 Ford in Ripley who allowed me to borrow a car (and even provided me with a driver!) On I sped (I mean, slowly drove) to Beckley for a modeling event and photo shoot for Jean Ann's Bridal and Prom Fashions. These commercials will be shown in the Marquis Cinema chain, so that is really exciting! Too bad I can't get free tickets to the movies to watch myself - LOL!

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